3 Great Tiramisù Recipes

3 Great Tiramisù Recipes

People of Tuscany love bread, that they even managed to make a delectable dessert out of it. Even though its actual origin is disputable, there is no doubt that Tiramisu is a dessert like no other.

Tiramisu came from the Italian word tiramisù, which means “pick me up” or, better, “cheer me up.” It is a dessert with coffee as one of its main ingredients. It is made up of ladyfingers dipped in coffee with layers of cream made with eggs, sugar, and mascarpone cheese. The mixture is also often flavored with cocoa powder to give it a chocolaty taste. For sure, anyone who has tasted a Tiramisu before had their spirits cheered up!

It is often served in a cup, a huge bowl, or, if you want to be classy, in a wine glass.

There are different versions of Tiramisu depending on which purpose you are making it. So here are three great Tiramisu recipes for you to try.

  1. Classic Tuscan Tiramisu

This recipe is the traditional Tuscan recipe as it uses the classic Italian Savoiardi ladyfinger biscuits. The secret ingredient for this recipe is coffee. Here’s how.

You’ll need 300g of Savoiardi ladyfingers, 500 g of Mascarpone cheese, and four medium eggs. The secret ingredients are 300 ml of espresso coffee, two tablespoons of rum, and unsweetened cocoa powder. This recipe will yield eight servings.

First, make the espresso and add the rum. Separate your egg whites to get a stiff whiff. In your yolk, add the sugar, mascarpone cheese, and the stiff egg whites. Now put your Savoiardi in your cold espresso to avoid getting soggy before layering it along with your mixture. To finish, sprinkle your unsweetened cocoa powder on top and chill your Tiramisu for 3 hours.

The rum, the cold espresso, and the unsweetened cocoa powder give the traditional and classic taste of a Tuscan Tiramisu

  1. Tiramisu for all

If you want a recipe that you would like to share with other people, try this one.

Ingredients are almost the same, and so does the procedures. But make sure that your Tiramisu has a minimum of 4 layers. Also, note that the Tiramisu comprises two parts: the ladyfinger half-dipped in coffee and the cream. So don’t take them as a single component.

This time the coffee is not specified, and the cocoa powder can be sweetened. This way, it is economically friendly to be chilled in a big container than usual.

  1. Tiramisu made easy

This last one is the Tiramisu recipe for those who don’t know to read a classic cookbook. You can make this when in a hurry since it takes only 10 minutes to complete.

Separating the eggs and separately whisking them takes time. So in replacement of the eggs, use heavy dairy cream and vanilla. Mix them with the mascarpone cheese along with the sugar, and your custard is done.

Layer it with your ladyfingers and add extra cream topped with cocoa, and it is ready to be served.

Enough of the talk; make yours now, and let’s see how good they are!

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