Tuscany Off the Beaten Path

Tuscany Off the Beaten Path

Although Tuscany is home to some very beautiful cities, many of them hold prime spots on the country’s many tourist trails. So, if you are hoping to avoid the crowds on your next visit to Italy, the list that follows might provide you with some refreshing new ideas. Of course, it’s very hard to pick just a few of them!




This hilltop town is located at the midpoint between Rome and Florence, making it a good stopping place for travelers headed in either direction. Pitigliano was originally home to the Etruscan people, who buried their dead in the tombs that can be found in the surrounding countryside.


They also carved a mysterious series of pathways through the soft tufa rocks known as the Via Cave, which can be found nearby and are certainly worth exploring. Pitigliano was also home to a sizeable Jewish population, earning it the nickname “Little Jerusalem”.


But while you’re strolling through the town, you’ll probably want to try the locally popular treat sfratto, a sweetbread that has been enjoyed in the town for quite some time.




The construction of this small village dates back to the Middle Ages, but modern science has proved that the people who live here have a lot of DNA in common with the ancient Etruscans who historically populated the area.


Not surprisingly, the town is also home to a highly regarded Etruscan museum that features artifacts from the surrounding areas. It’s also a popular spot for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and horseback riding. The town can be found to the west of Buonconvento.




If you plan on adding the traditional shot of the Tuscan countryside to your photo album, then this small medieval village in the Val d’Orcia is somewhere you’ll certainly want to visit.


The surrounding area contains plenty of winding country roads, rolling green fields, and tall, stately trees.


The town itself is also fairly photogenic, with many beautifully restored stone houses and lots of flower festooned balconies decorating the city center. It’s about 5 miles from the nearby town of Pienza.




This very picturesque hilltop town in the Chianti region is a good spot to either wander around or to sit and sample the local vintages.


Some of the buildings here date back to the 13th century when the town served a fortress to help protect the region. Given the town’s good vantage point, there are also plenty of scenic overlooks to be found here.




Mentioned frequently on lists of unusual places to visit in Tuscany, this charming spot was home to the man who originally came up with the story of Pinocchio.


There’s even a park in the village dedicated to the town’s most famous fictional character, making this a great stop for families.


Collodi is also home to an ancient fortress, a historical villa, and a beautiful church with excellent views of the surrounding area.


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