Tuscany Easter Experience

Tuscany Easter Experience

With Easter knocking at our doors, that frenzy that pervades holidays makes its way in our lives again.
Here we are going to organize in every detail those dear days, which are usually entirely dedicated to our families and that will be spent in the sign of good food and good wine.

Let’s try to understand what can be the Tuscan Easter menu with its matching of wines, in order to give you all the details to live at home a 100% Tuscan Experience.


Let’s start right away with the most famous of Chianti’s appetizers.
Liver Crostino

This is surely a poor dish which however has an important gustatory persistence and we will have to match it with a wine as intense and structured as well as having a smoothness in order to compensate the bitter taste of livers. We could therefore say a Merlot having a good structure as well as being “educated” to the palate can certainly be our choice.

Sangiovese can certainly be used as well but it is surely a wine which is less smooth and whose hardness is more evident. Therefore the choice is up to you, it is also a matter of simple taste in this case.

In case your choice should fall on Sangiovese, surely those high altitude Sangiovese wines, so much discussed and loved, are the right choice for you as the beautiful acidity given by the rigid climates counterbalances the fat part of the liver.

First course

Let’s proceed instead talking about the first course we recommend.

Florentine crepes are often chosen as an Easter first course. Stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach and covered with abundant tomato sauce.
The ideal companion is a Rose wine with a good acidity  and the light tannicity given by the black berry helps to dry the sensations of greasiness and fatness of this delicious Florentine dish.

Second Course

As far as second courses are concerned, lamb will surely be the main dish on Tuscan tables.

There are many different recipes, different types of cooking and certainly every dish will have a completely different structure.

But what if we wanted to suggest a universal wine?

Well, surely a beautiful Gran Selezione Chianti Classico will do the trick. It will have to be a wine of the ones that took its time however, a wine that was able to mature and reach an important level of complexity and at the same time extremely elegant and fine in quality.

And as a dessert what should we suggest?

Surely a match that will always be on the safe side is Cantuccini with Tuscan Vin Santo.

One of those matching that always surprises and joins wine lovers from all over the world.


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