Planning the Perfect Trip to Tuscany

Planning the Perfect Trip to Tuscany

It’s not a secret that the best time to travel to Tuscany is when the weather is fine, preferably between the months of September and October, or April and May. These months offer pleasant temperatures, clearer skies, and fewer tourists; all the best for your Tuscany dream.


Before you land, make sure you have your itinerary taken care of. Planning the perfect trip to Tuscany will not only ease your travel experience but also gets the most out of your time and penny. 


Is your flight ready?


If you have no idea what to do and where to go just yet, scroll down to know more about this beautiful place and how you can maximize your time and resources while you are there.


What to expect

Tuscany is known for having the best wines, breathtaking landscapes, interesting arts, historical landmarks, rich culture and history, and best of all, the delectable selections of Tuscan produce. 


If you picked the place without prior knowledge of its background, you still did the right thing.


Visiting Tuscany is a journey that not even a Google search can quench. Expect to be transported to a different era or culinary, cultural, and geographical experience that you won’t experience anywhere else.


Where to go

Road trips are popularly common when visiting Tuscany. Before hitting the road, make sure to recharge your cameras because wherever you go, it’s always picture-ready. 


Among the most popular tourist destinations that you should visit and take a snap of, are the following:


  • Santa Maria del Fiore

Florence’s most popular dome cathedral was built and upgraded between the 13th and 15th century; the 4th largest in the whole world. Italian churches are rich in history and culture. Thus particular one holds so much prowess, that it radiates superiority even from afar.


Beautiful interiors and exteriors, astonishing from inside-out. This cathedral is a go-to especially if you are a lover of art, culture, history, religion, and intricate detail. The best news of all is it’s free!


  • Sunset watching at Piazzale di Michelangelo

When the day is ending and you happen to be still in Florence, don’t miss the beautiful sunset at Piazzale di Michelangelo. It’s the perfect place for romantic dates or simply saying good night to the day before it ends. 


The soft golden hour in Tuscany is also one of the most exciting activities that you can do for free.

  • Castello di Nipozzano

Your Tuscany visit, no matter how short, won’t be complete without a trip to wineries. Wine, just like Tuscany, becomes richer and more valuable as time goes by. No wonder why people flock to this part of Italy for a taste of great wine.


Castello di Nipozzano is a 1,000-year-old castle that was built to protect Florence and its people. Today, the castle is used to produce and store wines and other Tuscan produce.


Tuscany is effortlessly beautiful. Regardless of having a well-prepared itinerary for the trip or planning to do a spontaneous trip, the place won’t disappoint.

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