Why You Should Retire in Tuscany 

Why You Should Retire in Tuscany 

Working for almost half of your life can be exhausting. That is why if you are planning and saving up for your retirement abroad, Tuscany is the best place for you!


Tuscany is a famous region in Italy, geographically located at the center of the country, south of Genoa, and north of Rome. The area can also offer great sceneries such as farmlands, hillsides and provides you with an impression of living in a Renaissance period. That is why if you are considering retiring or planning to retire soon and finding a place where you can spend your time, then this place is the most suited.


Still not convinced about this place? Here are more things that can help you to consider Tuscany as your retirement place:


Tuscany as an Art place


If you are an art person or thinking about being one, then Tuscany can feed your hunger for art as it offers a wide array of different types of crafts. Skills like Michelangelo’s “David” statue, Botticelli’s artworks in Uffizi Gallery, and many more! As the leading region in Italy in terms of arts, Tuscany also has more than 450 museums available for everyone to visit and appreciate skills from the Medieval and Renaissance era created by known artists of their time.


Art museums are famous to the said region and their parks, which are considered contemporary arts. Parks like Fattoria di Celle, Chianti Sculpture Park, Daniel Spoerri Garden, and many to mention are some of the eye-catching parks that you can go to if you decide to spend your retirement in Tuscany!


Lifestyle is within your reach.


One of the most important and major things that you should consider in finding a retirement place is the cost of living in that area–this is where Tuscany can save your problem as the lifestyle and cost of living in the said region are the good affordable quality of services. They also offer various food and delicatessen which can swirl your taste buds and make your mind go crazy as they give a different level of flavors and surprises!


Offer peace and tranquility.


Yes, Tuscany is the place if you are finding peace and tranquility after your years of working. It can provide you a sense of calm from countrysides, forests, beaches, and distanced areas, especially if you like traveling and seeing the scenery with your own very eyes.


Lots of tourist attractions


One thing that Tuscany can proudly present to you is its tourist attractions! Hailed as the best region in Italy, Tuscany proves to be rich in heritage as it can bring you back to an era when that tourist spot was built or created. Your retirement will never be complete without visiting these tourist attractions in Tuscany that can bring you back to the past! Here are some of the world-renowned and breathtaking places and spots in the region:

  • Piazza del Duomo and Renaissance Florence
  • Uffizi Gallery
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Church of Santa Maria Assunta
  • The Towers of San Gimignano 
  • Etruscan and Roman Volterra


Retiring is the part of your life where you should enjoy your time alone, being peaceful, and have a stress-free life to pay for what you’ve done in your working days. That is why retiring in Tuscany has a lot to offer—from foods, place, people, ambiance, recommended for you! After all, you save and prepare this precious time of your life to have this kind of relaxation, and Tuscany can welcome you with its warmth and love.

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