Stracotto Chianti Classico

Stracotto Chianti Classico

And it’s almost winter again, and here on we resume talking about food and pairing with our wines.
Here’s a must-try Tuscan cuisine.

The Stracotto al Chianti (Classico)

A dish that goes very well with the freshness of Montemaggio wines and is definitely one of the great recipes of Tuscan tradition.

Having cleaned the surface of the loin of excess meat*, season it by massaging it with chopped sage, garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper. Tie it with white twine and put it to cook in a high-sided earthenware or aluminum pan with EVO oil. Once browned on all sides, add a herb mixture consisting of: onion, celery, carrots, parsley and a clove of garlic and stew for about 10 minutes. Grind the meat removed earlier and add it to the pan; stew further for about half an hour, then add enough Chianti Classico red wine to almost cover the loin. Once the wine has evaporated, add the tomato paste dissolved in the stock and cook for at least 2 hours more. Serve in thick slices with its cooking juices. * surplus meat to be cleaned are all the frayed or spoiled parts from the cutting of the meat itself; the cleaning serves to give the piece the square shape necessary to make precisely a loin.
Ingredients for 10 persons:

1.5 kg Chianino veal loin loin (sirloin or leg)
tomato paste
Chianti Classico
meat stock
extra virgin olive oil (EVO)
salt and pepper to taste

You just have to try it and of course let us know more about the result in the comments section

Suggested pairing: Chianti Classico di Montemaggio 2015


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