Most Romantic Tuscan Villages

Most Romantic Tuscan Villages

When we say romantic places and villages abroad, one thing that pops in your head is Paris in France. But it is not the only place in the world where couples can feel love anywhere and anytime—Tuscany can also offer you the same amount of love you can feel in every corner of its region. 


Tuscany is a region of Italy where it is famous for its arts and its other forms, architecture, the vibe of being in a Medieval or Renaissance period, and especially its foods and wines. In the said region lies different villages where you and your partner can wonder and let love guide the both of you to explore and amaze in the beauty of the place. 


If you are interested, listed below are some of the most romantic Tuscan villages you can go together with the love of your life or even families and friends:




The village is also known as the setting of the greatest love story of all—Romeo and Juliet, which the great Italian Franco Zeffirelli directs. This tiny hill town of the Renaissance lying in the phenomenal Val d’Or area of Siena in the south is charming and pleasant to the eyes of lovers as it travels you back to the old time. 


Pienza also proves to be one of the most romantic Tuscan villages is their food’s ability to capture the couples’ hearts and souls—their lovely pizzas, cheeses, and more! It is also paired with palaces and characteristic alleys, providing an irresistible atmosphere for a pair of lovebirds. 




This romantic village is famous for its Arno River, where couples can ride a boat and have quality time for each other while cruising. It is a go-to vacation place for people together with their partners. It gives you an attractive mix of picturesque stone bridges that links the city’s two halves, old museums, historical arts and architecture of houses, and more!


You and your lover can enjoy Florence by dreamy walks with romantic moments and scenes that aren’t so hard to find. Just a glass of Chianti in a piazza, or riding a boat voyaging through the Arno river while watching a dramatic and romantic sunset, riding on a horse-drawn carriage, take a look at the skyline from Piazzale Michelangelo, and more! 



Couples wanting to have some medieval-themed village with lots of romantic places? Then Cortona is the right place! Cortona is a small beautiful village located in the Chiana Valley, in Arezzo. Though it is small, it offers a wide array of choices for you and your partner to make while staying in this village. Considered one of the most lovely and scenic towns in Tuscany, it has earned its rightful place as one of Tuscan’s most intimate and romantic places. 


Trying to go to its main square—Piazza Della Repubblica where it is the liveliest part of the town to which tourists like you and your partner can enjoy outdoor cafés! One thing you lovebirds should try when you travel to Cortona is its famous Diocesan Museum, where you can admire and appreciate artworks such as paintings, sculptures, and more! And lastly, visit the beautiful sanctuary of Santa Margherita, which is the city’s patron saint! One way to discover what this town can give you and your partner is by personally. 


Spending and providing quality time together with your partner strengthen the bonds of your relationship. If you find a place where you can spend time and enjoy the moment with your lover, then these Tuscan cities and villages are the perfect place for you to go! 

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