How Travel To Tuscany Will Change After Covid

How Travel To Tuscany Will Change After Covid

From Renaissance art to fine wine, Tuscany is one of its kind. Since COVID, enthusiastic travelers are counting down the days until they will set foot in this gorgeous land. With EU countries gradually opening up to vaccinated tourists, the dream of hopping on the first plane for this long-awaited trip is near.


Traveling to Tuscany COVID will feel the same, yet very different at the same time. If you are planning to visit this Italian gem, here are the things you need to know.


Safety Measures


As a pro-mask country, the Italians were wearing a face mask voluntarily months before the official requirement was in place in May 2020. The Italian government has been working very diligently and responsibly against this pandemic.


Now, with vaccines speedily rolling out, the hope of taking your face mask while enjoying the fresh air in Tuscany is here. The Health Undersecretary has said by the time about half of the population have been vaccinated, people should no longer wear a mask outside. Currently, Italy is expecting to vaccinate all its people by fall.


More Attractions At A Better Price


There are elements that a pandemic cannot wipe out. In order to make tourism thrive again, you will find an abundance amount of tours, festivals, and other attractives on discount. Tours and agencies are offering tourists discounts to see different cities in Tuscany.


As the world gradually opens up, those who take the advantage to book soon will enjoy all the benefits. Hotels and resorts are offering inclusive packages and early bird deals, restaurants and attractions are not overcrowded, you can take all the Instagramable photos you want.


Getting Paid To Stay In Tuscany


The dream of getting paid to stay in the breath-taking medieval valleys of Tuscany is possible now with towns like Santa Fiora offering to pay up to 50% of rent to attract remote workers. If you are tech-savvy enough to specialize in an industry that allows you to work while sipping a glass of wine, staring into historical houses, Tuscany welcomes you with a warm heart.


Sitting in the balcony watching the warm sunset casting a warm hue of apricot over the hilly valleys of Tuscany is the dream for every remote worker. If traveling to Tuscany alone cannot satisfy your love for this stunning region, this remote working scheme is a dream come true.


After COVID, Tuscany will be ready to show its beautiful side to the world again. Exploring this artistic capital of the world may seem foreign, yet so familiar at the same time. The unique wineries extending thousands of miles, the classical artwork in museums, the delicious culinary classes in resorts…This scenic Italian region is alluring for those longing for a real Italian experience. When the world opens its doors to the passionate travelers, Tuscany will show everyone it has more to offer than ever.


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