Carnival Frittelle Chiantigiane Explained!

Carnival Frittelle Chiantigiane Explained!

Carnival Sunday has finally arrived

One of the most beautiful moments of the year when you can have fun and let go, without too many thoughts or problems of any kind.
Even for adults it seems almost possible to become children again for a day.

And precisely wear a mask, and forget for a few hours of the hectic life of every day.

The Birth of Carnival

As we promised you we also published an article entirely dedicated to the birth of carnival – so if you want to find out more about it click here.

As you may have already guessed, in the Tuscan Carnival tradition, and in particular in the Chianti area, food is certainly a very important aspect.

Last week we talked about the recipe of “Cenci della Nonna”.

This week instead, we decided to tell you about rice fritters!
You should know that in Chianti this type of dessert is prepared almost exclusively during the Carnival period until San Giuseppe – that is, on March 19th.
Ingredients –


* 200 g Flour
* 125 ml Water
* 125 ml Milk
* 50 g Sugar
* 1 egg
* Lemon peel
* 6 g Fresh brewer’s yeast
* 100 g Raisins
* Peanut seed oil
* Sugar


“* Heat the milk slightly and dissolve the crumbled yeast together with the sugar, stir and let rise for a few minutes.
In the meantime put the flour, lemon zest and whole egg in a large bowl and mix well.
* At this point add the water at room temperature and finally the milk mixed with the yeast and mix with a spoon.
Mix everything well with a spoon or a hand whisk so that no lumps form and then lastly add the raisins washed and dried well.
Let the dough rest at room temperature and covered with a tea towel for an hour and a half until it begins to have many bubbles on the surface.
* After this time heat plenty of peanut oil in a pot with high sides (as always I remind you that the more oil you put in the pot the less your food will absorb) and when it is hot put the dough in spoonfuls and fry it on all sides turning well with a skimmer until your Carnival fritters will be golden.
Now all you have to do is try and try again until you are satisfied with your version of Frittelle Toscane (or better said chiantigiane)!

We wish you all a wonderful and peaceful Carnival Sunday in the hope that you can fully enjoy the magic of this holiday.

Happy Carnival and Happy Frittelle to everyone!

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