Best Bike Trails In Italy

Best Bike Trails In Italy

In a country gifted by hilly valleys, sandy beaches, and historical urban landscapes, taking a bike trip is the best way to capture the beauty. If you are thinking to grab your bike to create your own journey in Italy, you should follow these trails that will show you all the different sides of Italy.

  1. The Dolomites


With its highest point at 3,343 meters above sea level, the Dolomites are a mountain range close to Austria. In summer, you will see nature lovers camping, hiking, and kayaking all around the Alps.


Birds chirping in the woods, animals chasing each other, the sun shining bright…A biking trip through these mountains is peaceful. It will be physically demanding but the surprises these giant mountains have installed for you will all be worth it.


  1. The Tuscany Coastline


Start from the Leaning Tower of Pisa down the coastline, every path will soak you in the warm Tuscan sun. During spring and summer, the temperature is at 20 to 30 degrees Celcius. The mild Tuscan weather, combined with a breeze, is what every biker needs.


Home to one of the best coastlines in Europe, you have to make a few stops here to enjoy the blue sea and the delicious Tuscan food.


  1. Piemont


Another trail to the Alps. The north of Italy is filled with breathtaking snow mountains. Piedmont sits at the borders of France and Switzerland. Its hilly landscapes and long daylight caters well to the adventurous bikers ready for a challenge.


Anywhere in Piedmont can be a wallpaper. It is so stunning that you will end up taking twice the time to complete the route as you will be stopping every 10 minutes to soak in the view.


  1. Peschiera-Mantova Bike Trail


If you like the countryside, this trail is for you. Going around the lake between Milan and Venice, this trail gives you a tour of the typical Italian village life. Fields of farmland and children playing in the garden are the usual frames in this relaxing region.


Enjoy the lovely countryside breeze as you take a glimpse into the local life. You will find people to be the highlight of your trip more than the view. People from the countryside are always ready to welcome visitors, to show them the best of their home.


  1. From Parco dell’Etna to Catania


The national park right next to Catania is a great stop before stepping back into the real world. The landscape gradually changes, taking you from paradise to the city.


Compared to the Alps, Parco dell’Etna is rather easy to handle for bikers. When you make your stop in Catania, you can catch the ferry to Malta to end your trip to Italy.


Of all the incredible biking trails around the country, these trails offer you a diverse look at the country. The landscape changes drastically when you hop onto different trails. The list above is the best combination for you to see every side of Italy. From the Alps to the hot, sandy beaches, take your bike to explore Italy the best way possible.

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