Best Beaches to Swim in Tuscany

Best Beaches to Swim in Tuscany

Needless to say, aside from the heavenly food and extraordinary wine, Tuscany is also famous for its coastline. Millions of tourists flock to the country and the region every year to take a dive in the crystal blue waters.


Before you swim on any beaches, be sure to look for the Blue Flag. A beach with a Blue Flag means it meets the highest environmental standards and its marine quality is well-protected. Only swim on designated beaches. Don’t go off-trail as some coastal areas may have stronger currents and can pose danger without the presence of a lifeguard.


  1. Marina di Pisa


Not very far from the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa, there is a pebble beach with clear waters. Although not as sandy as other beaches in Tuscany, its excellent location and outstanding water quality make it the preferred beach for families on vacation.


Along with Marina di Pisa, you will find many nightclubs and restaurants perfect for a relaxing evening after taking a good dive. Supplies are abundant on this touristy beach. If you are looking for an easy day, Marina di Pisa is your choice!


  1. Castiglioncello


This small town by the cliff has one of the most luxurious resorts in Tuscany. For newlyweds or couples looking for a getaway, you will find plenty of activities to do besides swimming and sunbathing.


There are a lot of scenic viewpoints in this historical town. Visitors will get plenty of picture time for the Gram.


  1. Isola del Giglio


Situated on an isolated island, Isola del Giglio presents to you very possibly the clearest waters you will find in Tuscany. Colorful houses by the cliff combined with local cafes, is the definition of Tuscan hospitality.


Despite being part of Tuscany, this community has its personality and will show you a different side of Italy, from food to culture. For those eager to explore every side of Italy, you do not want to miss out on this one.


  1. ​​Forte dei Marmi


In the north of Tuscany, there is a little piece of heaven that will blow your mind away. Forte dei Marmi is a traditionally popular beach for tourists every summer, for very good reasons. Its soft, white sand and diverse sea life make it the perfect place for various water sports.


You may find Forte dei Marmi fairly crowded during the holiday seasons but it’s surely worth the visit. The beach continues to be alive even after dark with the resorts and clubs around.


  1. Cala Violina


If you are feeling adventurous and do not want to share, Cala Violina is the beach for you. Next to the Bandite de Scarlino Nature Reserve, Cala Violina is far from human civilization. You will immerse yourself in nature.


Cala Violina is a fantastic destination for hikers. Take a detour and head down to the reserved to discover the beauty within these rocks.


Tuscany is truly one of its kind. Its diverse beach scenery will be one of the best memories of your trip. When you visit Tuscany, make sure you leave time for its gorgeous coastline!

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