7 Tips to choose the best pizza

7 Tips to choose the best pizza

 Wherever you are, pizza is food for all.

Different places have different recipes for making the best pizza. In Italy, hand-pressed pizzas are a standard. In other western countries, pizza crusts often come with cheese on the inside. Thin-crust pizzas are also a thing. No matter the difference, we can agree that pizza is a worldwide food.

Even though they differ, there are some points to consider when choosing the best pizza. 

Well, pour yourself a glass of Rosè di Montemaggio (wich by the way it’s perfect with a beautiful Pizza) and let’s start!

  1. Crust

A good pizza starts with a good crust. There are hand-made, thin, industrially produced, rolled, etc. Whatever type of crust you are looking for, make sure that it is appropriately done. Consumers often overlook this element, but a pizza’s taste can be compromised by either an overwhelming or close to a non-existent crust. So make sure crusts don’t get in the way of perfection.

  1. Sauce

It can also vary from the pizza type, but the general ingredient is Italian-style tomato sauce. The sauce serves as a base for all the remaining ingredients, so don’t pick an overwhelming sauce.

  1. Cheese

Cheese makes the difference. There are a variety of cheeses that can be used. Each has its taste to improve the pizza. Mozzarella is the most commonly used cheese for pizzas due to its consistency and upfront flavor. Other types of cheese can also be used as a complement to mozzarella. But to make the magic work, cheese must nicely melt when served; it would also be best if there is plenty of it!

  1. Toppings

Here is where the world was nearly split apart. Pizza toppings vary depending on the type of pizza itself. But some people argue that certain toppings do not belong on pizzas. There are anti-pineapple people, and now, there are those who hate olives. Either way is a personal choice. What matters is that toppings must complement the flavor of the pizza. Some pizzas give less focus on toppings and give attention to the cheese instead. But if that’s not the case, it’s better to be generous on toppings. There’s no “too much” in pizza!

  1. Oven

Some culinary experts note the difference between a gas oven-baked pizza and a pizza traditionally fired from a furnace using fire. Some say it’s the fuel, and some say it’s the movement of the heat. Whatever it is, if you can find a pizza baked in a furnace, a couple of bucks will be worth a try.

  1. Occasion

What is the celebration? Is it a children’s party? Is this a date night? It will contribute to the criteria. Not only will it help you know the amount to purchase, but the perfect type of ordering. For example, big events need heavy meals; and an all-meat pizza will be suitable.

  1. People

Preference of the people who will eat should be considered. If your eating partner doesn’t want pineapples on pizza, you might consider ordering an all-cheese instead. You’re eating a pizza, not starting a food critique.

Like I’ve said, the criteria depend on the type of pizza, who will eat it, and when it will be eaten. But these might help you narrow the road. Either way, pizzas are a delight in themselves, so don’t overthink and grab a slice!

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