5 Fun Facts You Need To Know Before Traveling To Italy

5 Fun Facts You Need To Know Before Traveling To Italy

It’s Pastaland, Gelatoville, Winetown…When talking about Italy, the first image that pops into people’s mind is good food. Italy is the synonym of world-class cuisines. While that is accurate, there is a lot more to this Mediterranean country.


Take a look at Italy under a different lens with these 5 fun facts.


  1. Italy is home to all of Mainland Europe’s active volcanos


That is not something you hear on the travel guide every day. Europe is home to many volcanos. But the majority of them are no longer active. In Italy, however, there are some feisty caves ready to explode. Etna, Vesuvius, and Stromboli are the names of the three active volcanos.


The authorities are monitoring the volcanic activity to make sure it is safe for visitors to check out the exciting attraction that you will not find elsewhere in Europe.


  1. 4 out of the 10 oldest universities in the world are in Italy


As the birthplace of Renaissance art and many other cultural points in modern days, the solid Italian education system dates back nearly 1,000 years ago. Having 4 of the 10 oldest universities in the world, you can imagine how well-educated people are here. Knowledge is something no one can ever take away from you and the Italians live by that motto.


Cruising through, you will easily get soaked into the academic vibe. From museums to research institutions, drop by some of the most prestigious schools in Europe to learn about everything the Italians invented.


  1. Italy has 55 UNESCO heritage sites


Tied with China as the number one country with the most UNESCO heritage sites, Italy draws millions of visitors every year for its enticing history. The Colosseum is not the only treasure left behind by time. Pompeii, Naples, Florence…Italy itself is the heritage. Every site has its historical values. History fans will want to hit every mark on the UNESCO map on this well-weathered soil.


  1. 14 billion expressos are consumed every year


Coffee goes a long way in Italy. Almost every Italian drinks coffee daily. Nearly 300,000 people work as a barista in the country with half of them having 10 years of experience. Coffee is their national love. The Italians are proud of the way they have made their coffee famous.


Going around Italy, you will not find a big chain coffee house like Starbucks. Why? Because the locals know every Italian can make a better coffee than a corporate!


  1. Italy produces the most wines in the world


This one is not exactly a shocker, but it is still impressive to know that Italy takes up around $7.5 billion worth of wines on the market. Its superb quality and excellent weather conditions in Tuscany make Italy the ideal place for wine production.


People’s dedication has not failed Italy so far. Now, Italy is world-renowned for its top-quality wine.


Italy is full of surprises. It provides more than a regular vacation spot. The history and fun facts build up a clearer picture of why things are so mesmerizing here. Knowing these 5 fun facts will put perspective into how to better enjoy your next trip to Italy.

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