The wonders of the Tuscan coast for spring-summer 2022

The wonders of the Tuscan coast for spring-summer 2022

Today with we take you to discover the 5 most beaches for spring-summer 2022. Usually from April in Tuscany thanks to the mild temperatures you can enjoy the wonders that the coast has to offer.

1. Cala del Gesso, Monte Argentario (GR)

“We start our article on the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany from a wonder of the Argentario: Cala del Gesso. This hidden paradise, characterized by an emerald sea stained with blue, a golden pebble cove and the small island opposite Argentarola will make you fall in love at first sight. Its beauty will convince you to reach it by land through a hard walk in the nature, if you don’t have a boat to reach it by sea. The beach of small pebbles is completely wild so don’t forget supplies of water, food and an umbrella!”

2. Feniglia, Orbetello (GR)

“Immensely pristine. If you’re a lover of crystal-clear sea and wilderness, you must rush to plant your umbrella in the soft golden sand of Feniglia. This boundless beach near Orbetello is a “tombolo”, or rather a strip of sand, about 7 km long that connects like a bridge the picturesque hill of Ansedonia with the iconic Monte Argentario, forming the Duna Feniglia Nature Reserve. Leave your car in one of the many parking lots in the shade of the pines and go on foot or by bike, with a walk in the pine forest, to carve out your space to relax in one of the most famous Tuscan beaches.”

3. Rocchette Beach, Castiglione della Pescaia (GR)

“Castiglione della Pescaia, a charming seaside resort baptized as the “Switzerland of the Maremma”, cannot miss in our article. A magnificent stretch of coastline, its perfect for families with children in tow given its shallow waters of soft sand and lidos equipped with every possible comfort. If you do not know which beach to land on, given the large number of beaches, we recommend the picturesque Rocchette Beach, so named because it is dominated by the Fort of Rocchette, an ancient watchtower now privately owned. Break up the day with a fish lunch in one of the restaurants on the sand.”

4. Torre Mozza, Piombino (LI)

“Put a sixteenth century tower, a long white beach and one of the cleanest seas in Italy. Welcome to Torre Mozza, the Tuscan beach that bears the same name as another beach in Puglia and that, like the Salento beach of the same name, develops around an ancient coastal tower. The Tuscan beach boasts a water that invites to regenerating dives and a seabed with thousands of surprises, such as that very long cliff that stretches, underwater, for hundreds of meters along the coast and that seems to be the ancient Via Aurelia. Here, among ravines and rocks, you will meet octopus, bass and bream. Also in the municipality of Piombino, in the province of Livorno, three other fabulous Tuscan beaches are worth a visit: Calamoresca, Buca delle Fate and Baratti.”

5. Beach of Cannelle, Isola del Giglio (GR)

“The time has come to leave the coast for one of the most spectacular and, in recent years talked about, islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. Welcome to the small island of Giglio, pride of the Tuscans and gift of nature, where to dock at least once in a lifetime. The magical atmosphere of the island, made of fun, peace and tradition, is made even more attractive by the presence of small gems scattered along its perimeter. Among these is the convenient Spiaggia delle Cannelle, with its transparent blue sea and its white quartz cove that sparkles in the sun like a diamond. It’s just 100 meters long, so run to find a spot!”

Start planning your dream stay on the Tuscan coast today!


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