3 Beautiful Italian Destinations For Fall

3 Beautiful Italian Destinations For Fall

An avid traveler will tell you that fall is the best time to visit Italy. The grueling heat is gone. Yellow leaves are welcoming the new chapter to come. Finally, you can enjoy a vacation without the summer crowds and a taste of Italy.


To bump your trip up, markdown these top 3 beautiful destinations that will present you with a whole new side of Italy.


  1.  The Amalfi Coast


Everyone knows the Amalfi Coast. It’s probably the first thing that pops up in any Google search related to Italy. All the photos show the magnificent view with the colorful houses and the blue sea. But you most likely have missed just how gorgeous this place transforms into in fall.


Engulfed by vibrant shades of trees and nature, the sea is a reflection of the happiest canvas. The hills are painted with every color of the rainbow. It is not an exaggeration to say it is a scene straight from a children’s book.


  1. Tuscany


If you love the idea of having the best glass of wine while overlooking the sunset placing an apricot tone on the vineyards, you do not want to miss the harvest season. The best time to visit Tuscany is fall, where the vineyards are giving all sorts of colors with workers working diligently to harvest the fruits after a long year of hard work.


Besides the lovely experience of learning about the production of food and wine, fall is also perfect for hiking. The valleys are now blooming with berries. Wild animals are out greeting humans before hiding away for winter. Taking a long stroll deep into the forest to uncover some of the most precious earth’s gems is a trip only Tuscany can offer.


  1. Venice


Not only Vienna can take you on a musical spree, but Venice can, too. Starting in late September, opera houses begin to thrive. You will see vendors selling tickets to the latest opera performances and musicals on the street. The city has a lot of quality shows that add to its artistic vibes, other than its traditional boat tours.


There are two sides to Venice. One is the bustling, lively atmosphere during the peak season. And the other one is the calm, elegant charm that comes with the winter breeze. Every season in Venice feels like a magic 8-ball. You don’t know what to expect clearly, yet you know you will love the surprise that it has in store for you.


It is almost impossible to say a particular time in Italy is the most stunning since every month sets a new element to this diverse country. Visitors often feel the need to rush through Italy in summer as they believe there is nothing to see after. On the contrary, the fun time is only about to begin.


These top 3 places in Italy will change your perception of just how extraordinary this land is. Explore Italy in fall with the loveliest view and things to do.

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